After spending most of my career in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I discovered how to squeeze more hours into a day...
I moved to sunny Arizona.

Hi Tom, what do you do?


I'm a web application developer. What is that? I'm so glad you asked. I build data-driven business applications that are used in a web browser. Often times, these are intranet applications, meaning that the application resides on a company's internal network, not exposed to the outside world. Other times, the application lives on the Internet, and users can access the application from anywhere they have Internet access.

Personally, I favor browser-based applications over native Windows applications because they can reduce the costs of deployment, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

...and in my off-time, I like to play with these cubes.

Up-front honesty: I'm a talented guy, but I don't do everything

While I do have an eye for detail, like noticing errors in spelling, grammar, and visual things like when the alignment of something is just one pixel off, I'm not a web design graphic artist. I can hold my own creating usable, intuitive interfaces, but often depend on graphic designers for the visually appealing creative parts of a project. The important thing to take away from this is that I'm aware of the times when it's valuable to have a graphic specialist step in and help.


Web Development

I started creating web applications in 2000 for a small company that streamed radio stations on the Internet. That was a big deal back in 2000, as only a few companies were attempting it. I programmed in Visual Basic and ASP against SQL Server 7. This was the beginning of my HTML and JavaScript experience. Since then, I've worked for the Washington State Legislature and a handful of private companies, building web applications using the .NET framework. I've grown to learn more with every version that's come out, and currently work with the latest and greatest tools Microsoft has to offer.

Windows Development

Before I decided to specialize in building web applications, I coded my fair share of Windows applications, services, and utilities. I still do from time to time, as needed. It can be fun revisiting my roots, but not half as fun as programming for the browser.
Master - Computing and Software Systems
University of Washington, Tacoma WA
Bachelor - Computer Science
City University, Bellevue, WA
Web Developer 4
Microsoft Certified Professional Developer
Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist
Microsoft Specialist
.NET Framework 4, Service Communication Applications
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
.NET Framework 4, Web Applications
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
.NET Framework 4, Data Access
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist